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Prayer + Fasting: Marriage

Growing up marriage was never on my radar, I wasn’t planning my wedding when I was a child with Ken and Barbie. My parents had a great marriage back then so I wasn’t afraid to get married because I saw a bad example. I just never had the desire or believed marriage was in my future. Well, all of that went out the window when I met my first and only love at the age of 18 however, it would be another 9 years before we walked down the aisle. This year I will celebrate 9 years of marriage with my husband. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage because we are imperfect people however, if we follow God’s blueprint and with the help of the Holy Spirit we can and will be able to weather any storm. I often found that we have become stronger together.

Honor the sanctity of marriage and keep your vows of purity to one another, for God will judge sexual immorality in any form, whether single or married. Hebrews 13:4 (TPT) It’s important that we protect our marriage and our hearts against anything that could pull us away from our spouse. Take inventory of what you’re allowing into your heart, who are you following on IG? What are you watching on TV, what kind of music are you listening to? Who are you receiving counsel from and who are you sharing your business with? Not everyone is for you and your marriage. Go back to the Bible and pray to see if what they’re saying is lining up with God’s plan for you marriage.

Entertainment may seem innocent at the time but it could be planting seeds that may very well hurt your marriage in the future. If I could be transparent for a moment; I was following a very famous Latin singer on Instagram, I loved his music and he is very attractive but this was affecting my thought life. His music, photos and videos were very lustful and I knew if I continued to follow and listen to this person’s music this could potentially open a door to sin. Instead of ignoring the warning signs and convincing myself I was just a fan and it was harmless entertainment I immediately clicked unfollow and I stopped listening to his music.

Have open communication with your spouse, be sure you’re not venting to the opposite sex what your spouse isn’t doing. Having work husbands or wives is inappropriate, if you cannot share with your spouse verbal conversations, text messages or DM’s, it’s not a relationship worth having. Your spouse should be your lover, bestfriend, protector and confidant, if they’re not right now ask God to realign the relationship. Whatever you’re facing in your marriage I believe God can mend it if you’re willing to be obedient to His plan and walk it out. Before you pick up the phone to call your friend to vent, go to the throne and lay everything at the feet of Jesus, then wait for His instruction. It’s better to follow Jesus’ plan for your marriage than your emotions, a lot of times our emotions cannot be trusted. There is a plan and purpose for your marriage, so don’t just survive be intentional.

Heavenly Father I thank You for being Alpha and Omega, Lord You reign over the Heavens and the Earth and there is nothing impossible for You. I thank You for protecting our unions. I thank You in advance for all of the marriages You are healing right now, I declare in Jesus name that those marriages will be stronger than ever. Lord I ask that You would also use those marriages to bring light the marriages currently in the dark and that we would all walk unashamed of our past but we would walk boldly in victory. In Jesus, amen.

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