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Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Happy New Year dolls and gents! Are you the new year’s resolution type or are you the “new year new me, haters are going to see me win type?” To be honest, I think the new year’s resolutions are kind of cheesy, we see the same old resolutions year after year. The gyms will be packed until Valentine’s Day, and Instagram will be full of beast mode quotes, all day on my grind post. I, on the other hand avoid the gym because it’s full of people posing for gram on equipment I’m actually trying to use. Later in the day I log onto IG and roll my eyes at all the cliche post waiting for the moment they fall off and familiar habits take over.

To be open, honest and transparent, I used to be that person. All talk with little to no action wondering why I never saw the results I desired. Often we blame the devil or life circumstances as to why we’re still stuck in the same cycles. Comfort is an area we don’t like to step out of, its warm, safe and familiar. I know you’ve read this quote a million times “to get to where you’ve never been, you have to do things you’ve never done.” This saying is true; to get that summer body you need to eat food you don’t typically eat and you will need to go to the gym more than twice a month. If you want that promotion at work you may need to take on an extra project, come in early and stay later than usual. Maybe you’re a creative like myself and want to sing, dance or act. In order to properly steward the gifts God gave you, you must be intentional in perfecting your craft. In other words, PRACTICE!

Although God placed a dream/desire on your heart, we still have to do the work. The Lord says in Habakkuk 2:2 “write the vision and make it plain.” Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish write it down and wrap in prayer. Ask God for a strategy then write down simple goals that will guide you to your destination. Ask Him to connect you to the right people and remove those who will be a distraction. God will give us wisdom if we ask for it. 2019 may have been a rough year, it was definitely challenging for me but now that we are in a new decade God is setting us up to win, if we're willing to be obedient and do the work. You got this and know that you’re NOT alone!

Heavenly Father I thank you for allowing us to see another year, I thank you that we have favor because we belong to you. Lord your word says that all your promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. We believe that your word is true and never returns void, cover and lead us Lord into places only You can. We thank you in advance for new open doors and we also thank you for the doors you closed for our protection. We give all the honor, glory and praise. In Jesus name, amen.


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