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If I can be honest, open and transparent, I haven’t felt like writing, singing or doing anything creative since being in quarantine. It has been about 48 days since we all had the freedom to come and go as we please. I get my creativity from nature, fresh air really, I would wake up some days feeling lost or just plain lazy. I was focusing on all the things I couldn’t do instead of honing in on what God was saying and doing in this season. I can get set in my ways sometimes and not want to adapt. Isolation can be scary however, I firmly believe that I needed to sit down. I needed to get away from the always on the go mentality. My routine was in desperate need of a shift, God was shifting directions. One of my daily prayers is “Lord let me know what you’re doing because I don’t want to miss out." Thinking back I don’t remember ever slowly down long enough to see where he was headed. Everything around me was shifting, my marriage, family, finances and life as I knew it. I went through a period of pure frustration which didn’t last very long because I submitted to his will.

For me this isn’t a season to work on business plans, buy stocks or figure out how to create more wealth. It’s a season of being intentional and re-evaluating my God given purpose. I have many talents, dreams and goals, sometimes I distract myself because I have my hand in everything. God gave me three dreams, all the same with slightly different scenarios. He was showing me that I was leaving behind the old and entering into something new. I was leaving old habits, old mentalities and relationships. I believe God is setting us up from divine greatness but in order to fully step into the promise land we cannot take certain things with us. May I challenge you to write down a handful of desires/dreams and ask God which one of those he would like you to focus on. Ask him what are some things and or people you need to let go of then ask for strength to walk away. This is a perfect time to get back into the presence of God if you haven’t done so already to make sure you’re in alignment with his will. Wash yourself with the Word of God, meditate on it day and night, confess it out loud with your mouth. Let’s come out of this stronger, diligent and consistent so we can be set apart and build God’s kingdom. We were all born on purpose with a purpose, don’t lose sight of that during this lock down. Be great even when no one is watching.

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