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Feeling Trapped - COVID-19

Today marks Day 13 of self quarantine; the word quarantine feels like a curse word to me. To say or type it makes my skin crawl. I wasn’t going to blog about the virus because I was so over hearing about it on the news, from friends and family members. It’s all over social media almost every post is COVID-19. With it being everywhere I was becoming agitated and very annoyed. When my city and state ordered its residents to shelter in place I immediately felt trapped. I hate not having options or being forced to isolate. Most people are tapping into their creative side, using this time to come up with business ideas. I on the other hand feel like all creativity is being sucked out of me.

Each day I wake up to more restrictions, parks, beaches and restaurants closing. People must be 6 feet apart, people are afraid to say hi. It seems like overnight the world became so cold. Paralyzed by fear and fuel by a scarcity mindset. As I stand in the shadows of the Lord asking him why his children are reacting out of fear? Are they overreacting or am I under reacting? Am I standing boldly because I know that I am covered by the blood of Jesus or am I just a rebel without a cause?

In a time of uncertainty God has definitely been my rock, He knew this virus would disrupt the earth before it invaded our land. God knew the whole world would come to a complete stop, this isn’t a surprise to him. It is easy to focus on what I am unable to do, I can bury myself with the doom and gloom of this virus or I can focus on the One who reigns over the heavens, earth and hell. So I decided and I continue to decide everyday to wrap myself in scriptures, especially Psalms 91. This passage talks about delivering us from the deadly pestilence, we will not fear the terror of the night nor the arrows that fly by day. These are promises from the Lord when we abide in the shadows of the Lord.

I don’t know how long this will last but do not waste this time worrying about what may or may not happen. Maybe shift your worrying to gratitude; everyday I wake up thanking God for our health, food and shelter, even toilet paper! Daily I get into the presence of God, there you will find everything you need. Stay connected to your church, face time a relative or a friend. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, soak up some vitamin D. Get dressed up even if you're just going to the living room, shade in those brows and throw on some lip gloss. This will boost your mood.

Isolation isn’t good for anyone, God designed us to do life in community. This also includes all you introverts! This is a great time to discover God’s purpose for your life, put it on paper and ask God for strategy. Although it sucks that I cannot come and go as I please or hang out with people, I am excited for what’s on the other side of this. God is a God of destination not distraction. Let’s continue to move forward the best we know how and pray for those who are the front lines. Grocery store clerks, doctors and nurses, also pray for your local small businesses. We’re all in this together and we’ll get through together. Keep living life on purpose even if it’s from your house for now. :)

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