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I'm a wife, mother and creative, it's so very nice to meet you! This is a space where you will find simple tools to live a life of purpose on purpose. My twenties were filled with trials and errors but I made of promise to God to share all that he has taught me so I can in return help someone avoid the same mistakes. If you feel you've already too many mistakes it is impossible to get back on course, its okay you're not the only one and you won't be the last. You will learn how to forgive yourself and your offenders, pick up the pieces and keep moving forward towards your God given destiny. Jeremiah 1:5 says Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, which tells me that God knows us and created us ALL on purpose for a specific purpose. No matter how you got here, it definitely wasn't by accident. 

Some of us may not know what our purpose is yet, let's ask the one who created you. If the good Lord has already revealed to you what that purpose is, know that all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength, so lets live a life of purpose on purpose together! 


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